Keep Painting!


“Questions”    Mixed Media    15″x 22″   Ruth Hayes    $500.  

      It has certainly been a year to remember!  Isolating, scary, boring, quiet,  but also creative.
No shows, no reason to push to create new work but painting only becasue it is what I do.
A joke I have often found to be true is that for an artist a painting is only finished when a show deadline hits and it has to be framed.  With no deadlines I have a stack of unfinsihed partially explored work, but also old pieces reworked and finished, as well as work finally thrown away in the recycling. 

     I found a way to continue teaching by learning zoom. It’s not the same and it has been a challenge but I am getting the hang of it thanks to supportive friends and students. Once again it feels like “We’re all in this together” with students and instructors finding a way through the many snags and issues.

As I write this the year is ending and a vaccine is on the way. The new year 2021 promises to be better. Classes will resume in January and hopefully shows and exhibits can once again take place.

Happy Holidays!