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Paintings in Watercolour and Acrylic

17 Fernwood park Ave.
Toronto, Ontario M4E 3E8
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“Art evokes the mystery without which the world would not exist”

~ Magritte

“Where the spirit does not work with the hand there is no art.”

~ Leonardo Da Vinci

~ “Painting is an attempt to come to terms with Life. There are as many solutions as there are human beings.”

George Tooker


Morning Sunrise - original watercolour - Ruth Elizabeth Hayes Toronto

Hope to Connect.

Hope to Connect Through out the years of many exhibits it is very special to me the connections I have made with those who have been part of my art journey. A piece of art is always more than...
Iris spring Watercolour mixed Media

A World of Colour

I have tubes and tubes of watercolour paint.  This brand, that brand, the French one, the latest one, the most expensive brand and somehow over the years and studying several color theories what can...
Ruth Hayes Canadian watercolour

In Love with Watercolor

Why do some artists fall in love with watercolor? This could be an ode to the joy of watercolour and why I keep coming back to this challenging medium. I love the joy of color…. any color fresh on...


Intuitive Art Blog. Ruth Hayes Beach Toronto Watercolour and Mixed Media Artist

Lavender and Blue abstracted watercolour evoking SpringOriginal

Beginning Again

Fresh green things are appearing all around me and it is early March. It feels like a resurgence, an awakening is happening and a creative force once again would like to reassert itself. Perhaps it...
Tapestry - Ruth Hayes - mixed media

Welcome to the new site

Everything changes and so has my web site. Change seems to be the one constant thing in this fast paced world of today. I struggle to adapt but I am excited about my new site and hope you find it...

 Open House This Weekend!Please Join Me Saturday and SundayDecember 2nd and 3rd  from 12 til 317 Fernwood Ave.Original art and season cardsNew works large and smallTake a stroll on...

Threads of Light

Creative spin or is it what drives me to paint? Another title for the work above might be synchonisity or six degrees of separation. The work of Piet Mondrian is quite differnt from…

  Beach Studio Tour September 17th,18thRuth Elizabeth HayesWatercolour, Acrylic.Mixed media17  Fernwood Park Ave.                   ...

Ruth Elizabeth HayesBeach Studio TourSeptember 17th and 18th11 am-5pm        The studio tour is returning after the pandemic. It will be great to invite you into my home and...