I have tubes and tubes of watercolour paint.  This brand, that brand, the French one, the latest one, the most expensive brand and somehow over the years and studying several color theories what can I say.  It comes back to one of the first rules I heard in a painting classes and have heard it often repeated and applied to many aspects of life ….. “K.i.s.s.” or “keep it simple, stupid”

    It comes to mind especially when deciding which colors to use in a painting. I own more tubes of paint and various brands than I will use in a life time, but for any one painting I will only really need three. Knowing how to mix them I can attain most other colors I might need or want to create harmonious color. Depending on my subject I will choose a different red, yellow or blue and mix them accordingly. It can be a lot of work but it will guarantee a color harmony.

    Most artists I know come to terms with color and find what works best for them. The joy can be in the process. I still love to bring home a fresh tube of paint from my favorite art supplier and try a new variation of a yellow or blue that I haven’t tried before. Perhaps new and magical things will happen in the act of creating my next painting.



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