Why do some artists fall in love with watercolor?

This could be an ode to the joy of watercolour and why I keep coming back to this challenging medium.

I love the joy of color…. any color fresh on white paper as it drips and runs. I am inspired by the joy of color mixing with another color and forming a third color. The  joy of water mixing with color, diluting, fusing dripping and forming soft subtle washes is soothing and meditative.

The sheer spontaneity that happens as one colour drips and splashes into another color is total delight.  There is the joy of surprise as a mistake blossoms into an avenue of new adventure.

The excitement and discovery as new exploration with the paint leads me to what I could not have imagined.  Quite simply, watercolour leads me to the joy of creating for no other reason than the play.

The play of creation:  it is quite enough.




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