As an artist new to the art of blogging my fear comes up as well as the question what can I write about that has any relevance at all. My angst is around embracing the new technology. Do I need to tweet, blog and join facebook in order for my art to become more relevant? I resist the idea. I don’t want to become a slave of techology controlled by all the latest. As I sit with my questions I think I can find perhaps a balance where I am in control. My intent will be to blog as a way to expand my horizons, connect with others and share information and creative endeavors. That sounds sane.

Someone said to write about what is close to my heart. Art is at the heart of all that I do so that is all I can really write about. I love the quote by Rumi “Let the beauty we love be what we do”. I love the creative process and seeing it unfold in my life and those around me. It’s serious to me but I know it disappears if I get heavy so I try to keep it fun. It expands in a sense of play but shrivels to dust when laden with dogma, rules and how-tos. Yet that is what is expected. I could write a “how-to” let go and have fun with art. Maybe it’s all fine and all relevant.

August could be more fun. I’m offering a one week painting seminar august 15th-19th . This will be art camp for grown-ups. It’s Monday -Friday 9:30am-12:30pm. It’s $175.00 for the week but if you can only come for part of the week we can discuss it. Saturday , August 27th is a oneday workshop along the same idea of fun.